Hi I am Lorenzo!

I Design & Develop Custom Digital Solutions,

That will boost your business!

You can call me a true Veteran of the Web as I have seen it growing from the early days! Bookings was renaming to Booking, Amazon did mainly sold books, Dreamweaver was the number one software to build website and tables could be used for layouts!
It was the glorious end of 90'! and so much have changed since then.

Client' s first approach, I have been in your shoes!

I have been first and foremost a Client of my own products, yes you read it right! In the early 2000' it was still possible to create a successfull business by having a relatively good idea and a website, and that' what I did! My first online venture was a local airbnb style accommodation booking website for the city of Florence, Italy.

You know what was the hardest part? Finding developers that were affordable and professional to create your vision, the bitter answer is that there aren't many! I have learned the painful lesson burning my own hands and wallet! From local web agencies to online outsourcing finding the right balance between cost and skills is very hard.

Enough was enough and after selling my business I set aside some time to improve my web dev skills from basic website building, wordpress development to some more serious and professional skills. Oh buoy how deep the rabbit hole goes I didn' expect! I love technology so it wasn't a sacrifice but web development from 2012 onwards have litterally exploded in complexity and overengeneering. Framework, tools are enough to scare you off.

What can I build for You?

I can build from not so trivial, well optimized, modern landing / websites with custom design and code to medium size fullstack web applications to scale your business. This with a bit of long term vision and my experience in this world, what might work and what might not work. Where to invest and where to save.

Marketing Static Sites

The latest and greatest in web dev for simple yet powerful portfolio or showcase web sites. Good looking, fast and reliable.

Fullstack Apps Development

Custom made applications to serve your business. Offer your Clients more when they stay on your site.

Hybrid Mobile Apps

Web applications often leak on to mobile and vice versa so why don' offer your Clients both experiences?!

News, Articles and Thoughts


Explained to Clients

July 29, 2021

Building a professionally looking and original web site is expensive no doubt so why would you need to invest funds when you can get almost free space on google, facebook or amazon? Read more to find out!




Explained to Clients

February 17, 2021

WordPress has been around for almost two decades and it powers almost 40% of the websites we have today. Is it the to go solution for any kind of project? Let's find out together!



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